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E Learning Project Upcoming Training Workshops and Meetings September 2023

Busitema University signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Cyber School Technology Solutions (CSTS) to implement the Cyber School – Mastercard Foundation e-Learning Project.  This project's overall objective is to ‘strengthen systems to support access to relevant and quality education for youth to transition to meaningful and dignified work’.  This is being fulfilled through five interventions:  
1. Deployment or enhancement of an Online Learning Management System (LMS) platform for the Educational Institutions that have expressed interest;  
2. Training of instructors in digital pedagogy and instructional design, content development, and online acquisition;  
3. Increasing access to affordable internet and devices;  
4. Supporting Educational Institutions in the development, adaptation, and implementation of e-learning and safeguarding policies;  
5. Development and adoption of work readiness and entrepreneurship skills, and;  
6. Supporting the transitioning of youth into work, through internships and work-study programs.  
Cyber School appointed Eight Tech Consults Ltd as a Consultant to support Busitema University in developing and/or updating the eLearning policy, strategy, and business models; and also support the University in building the capacity of the lecturers in digital pedagogy and instructional design.  For this digital pedagogy training, a series of physical and virtual meetings targeting 200 academic staff shall be held.   It is hoped that by the end of this series of meetings, each academic staff will have acquired the skills and knowledge necessary for effective digital pedagogy, instructional design, and content development for e-learning.    
Two parallel workshops have now been planned for the development of an e-learning Policy, Strategy, and business Model and for training of staff on Digital Pedagogy and Instructional Design; to take place at Busitema University Main Campus from 25th – 26th September 2023.    
In addition, a number of other meetings are also being organized to support youth transition into work; so mentorship meetings will be held in four different faculties targeting a total of 440 students.  The meetings shall be held as follows:

 1Agriculture and Animal Sciences, Arapai28th – 29th Sept 2023
 2Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, Namasagali21st – 22nd Sept 2023
 3Science and Education, Nagongera25th – 26th Sept 2023
4Management Sciences - Pallisa30th Sept – 1st Oct 2023